Love Is In The Air!

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Anyone who knows me knows, if I can put a healthy spin on something, I will. I am the mom who sends clementine oranges for Valentine’s Day, the one who sends baked goldfish crackers, granola bars and allergy-free alternatives like fruit bars for my oldest son’s school birthday celebration. I see far too many cavities and behavior problems caused by too much juice, a lack of sleep, and way too much candy! Thankfully I have a husband who shares in my feeling about sugar intake and we do our best to limit our little one’s sugar intake lest he turn into a Gremlin!

Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching and no time of year gives me as much food-induced anxiety besides Halloween. Last year, Zo turned 6 and for the first time he declined my proposed granola bars. He didn’t want to get teased at school. I was sad but happy to save the money that I would have spent on the snacks. Zo is old enough now to realize that the candy he is given doesn’t just disappear. After Halloween and Valentine’s Day every year we quickly purge most of the candy. I used to take it to work, but honestly now we just throw it out. Similar to my patients, it’s just not good for Zo’s teeth or his behavior.

This Valentine’s Day while love is in the air, families should try to limit their children’s candy intake. This year Zo happily accepted my offer to send snack-size bags of his favorite snacks, Pirates Booty.

As you prepare your shopping list, consider these healthier options. Every time I have sent them parents have thanked me in the hallways and the teachers have too:

  1. clementine oranges

  2. granola fruit bars

  3. small boxes of raisins

  4. bouncy balls

  5. friendship bracelets

  6. baked crackers or snacks like Pirates Booty or goldfish crackers


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